Storage Unit Boat & RV Package

This Storage Unit is made primarily from 2-7/8″ pipe with Zee Purlins and PBR Panel siding. The building has 19 Units for storage and can be modified larger or smaller by simply adding or subtracting frames. All edges are trimmed and the front and back both have gutters to protect the sides and prevent water from running down the front of the building.

19 Unit Boat & RV Storage; Trim and Gutters





High quality Boat & RV Storage

It is with great pleasure we provide you with, what we believe to be, the most comprehensive building package of its kind anywhere in the world.


  • 3D Viewer of the complete 3D Model
  • Complete Index of all Assemblies and Parts
  • Excel Spreadsheet to help calculate costs and purchase supplies and materials
  • Purchase Order request Forms for ordering PBR Panel and Trim
  • Jobsheets of all assemblies and most parts
  • Drawings of assemblies and parts
  • Disclaimer and Engineering Data